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ARTISAU  is a women’s wear label based in New Delhi, India. 


Creating a line of elegant separates to live in, each piece of clothing at Artisau is crafted with natural fabrics, inherently breathable and long lasting. 

Hand loomed by skilled crafts men and women, across the country, the garments are cut and sewn with techniques to make room for comfort, agility. 


Essentially light and floaty, creating their own movement, the clothing line aims to build a sense of calm / power that escapes the grip of consumerism and frivolous trends. The playfulness of the warp and weft, tradition and craftsmanship are the values we derive from. 

1209 DUSK 5.jpg

Details are aesthetically pleasant, functional and tend to be androgynes over decorative, rendering the garments timeless.

Expressing a point of view that questions perception, beauty and feminity.


Hand Made in India, always!

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