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Our garments are hand dyed and handwoven in small batches, making each piece exclusive, unique and textural.



Each fabric / fibre however requires a different care:

Heavy weight Cottons / Linens or Blends - Gentle Hand wash or a short machine cycle. Try the first few washes by hand, once the colour has settled, a gentle machine cycle. Hand wash seperately with a mild soap, wring dry and hang in shade. Do not soak for long periods.


Hand washing with a natural soap cares for handwovens the best.


Light weight Cottons / Linens or Blends- Hand wash seperately with a mild soap, wring dry and hang in shade. Do not soak for long periods. Gentle steam iron to enjoy the natural cotton crush. Hand washing is gentle, reduces the chance of colour fading and increases the life span of the garment.

Silks / Silk blends - Dry clean only please. Silks or occasion wear can be aired for a while before a second wear to avoid excessive chemical dry cleaning after only a single wear. Zaris should be kept away wrapped in the garment bag provided or a muslin cloth to avoid natural tarnishing.

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